Snow Geese during Spring migration
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April 22, 2007
Cormorant on muskrat house at wildlife refuge.  This bird is also referred to as a "snake bird" due to its appearance when in the water - only its head and neck are seen; it does not float like a duck or goose.

Cormorant on muskrat "house"

Cormorant on Muskrat 'house'.

Taking flight, the Cormorant appears to 'run' across the surface until it gains "air speed".

Cormorant taking flight

Cormorant taking flight.

Pelicans, resting briefly at Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge during migration in mid-April.



This Robin includes my yard in its territory.  When seen hopping along in the grass, it always seems to find a worm. Here it sits momentarily in my Burr Oak tree.

Robin in Burr Oak

American Robin

A sharp eye might be able to make out the bridge at the end of town, curving over the historic Blue River.  Marysville receives a lot of support from its ag community.  It appears to be one of the most thriving 'small towns' I have visited.

Marysville, Kansas ... west.

Marysville, Kansas looking west.

The building up the street that looks like a church is the County Courthouse. The street is brick.

Marysville, Kansas ... east.

Marysville, Kansas looking east.

Somewhere later that day along a Kansas or Nebraska road I took this picture. The Meadowlarks seem to have claimed their fence posts and areas of meadow.  Their song, which can be heard through the end of the summer, is especially welcome in the Spring.  "When are you going to plant the wheat?"  Having come from a farm, I particularly love the 'song of the lark', and the Meadowlark is my favorite of all birds for that reason.

Western Meadowlark

Western Meadowlark

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