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Migrating Snow Geese in flight
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May 1, 2007
An occasional sight at Brownville, Nebraska

River Barge

Missouri River Barge

The County Courthouse in Tecumseh, Nebraska is an especially good subject to photograph.

Johnson County Courthouse

Johnson County Courthouse

The annual Arbor Day Parade was a big attraction in Nebraska City last weekend.  Here is the "Pioneers" High School Marching Band.

Marching Band

Nebraska City High School Marching Band

Syracuse, Nebraska entered their Germanfest Royalty in the parade.

Germanfest Float

Germanfest Float

Pretty girls and horses are frequent entries in a parade, and here we have both; Miss Sidney Iowa Rodeo riding horseback.

Miss Sidney Iowa

Miss Sidney Iowa Rodeo

She brought a pretty smile, too.

A wave for the camera?

A wave with a pretty smile


Near the birdfeeder in my yard this House Finch sings and prances his stuff for a not-so-impressed girlfriend.

House Finch Courting

This gal is not smiling

This makes me wonder how little finches ever get made!

Finch's advances denied!

Talk about playing hard to get!

The Blue Jays occasionally visit my yard to pick up some spilled seed.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay with black oil sunflower seed

Buy Black Oil Sunflower Seed at Brownville Mills.

Tell Harold that Your Country Neighbor referred you!

The Blue Jay, Titmouse, Nuthatch and woodpeckers all take the seed up to a branch for 'opening'. The Cardinals and Finches eat at the feeder.  Blue Jay opening seed

Holding a seed with its 'toes' and opening the shell with its beak

Water should be available for your birds.  A dripping arrangement is a good way to attract birds.  I don't know if it's the sound or the sight of the dripping water, but birds find it. So does the squirrel. Blue Jay Drinking

Drinking from a crude birdbath

Grackles and Starlings are nuisance birds, but they have to eat too, and their blue/green/indigo sheen is a handsome touch from Mother Nature. Grackle

Grackle scavenging for sunflower seed


Most of the time this guy is on the other side of the branch. I occasionally get his picture, but not too often.  Red-bellied Woodpecker

Red-bellied Woodpecker

I just missed a sweet picture of Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal "kissing" yesterday.  They seem especially shy this year. I'll keep trying  Cardinal

Cardinal keeping its distance


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