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March 25, 2007
These birds were the only Canada Geese on Verdon Lake last Wednesday. I would like to think they are the same pair that raised their goslings here last year. Perhaps I'll find out on a later visit.

Canada Geese

Canada Geese on Verdon Lake

March 1, 2007
I had never heard of a Yellow-headed blackbird before I saw my first one in the Spring of 2006 at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge.  Although that place appears to be an appropriate habitat for them, it's just a stop-over on their north and northwest migration.

Yellow-headed Blackbird

Yellow-headed Blackbird

I believe these ducks are "Blue-winged Teals."   They make a nice couple! 

Male & Female Blue-winged Teals

Blue-winged Teals, male & female



Bald Eagles

When I am lucky enough to get close to a Bald Eagle, I often wait 20 minutes or so, until it tires of my company, and gives me a chance to capture it's take-off with my camera. This one outlasted me in the waiting game. So I took this photo and a few more, and then moved on.

Bald Eagle on tree branch

Bald Eagle

About half the time that I am patient enough to wait, the Bald Eagle will get tired of me hanging around in her space, and take off for another perch. In this case, she took off straight at me as if to get a closer look, but with those eagle eyes, she didn't really need a closer look; I know she was just trying to intimidate me.

Bald Eagle gliding

Bald Eagle diving toward photographer

This time she circled around me before flying away. I don't think she was intentionally 'posing' for my camera, but she might as well have been.

Bald Eagle in flight

Bald Eagle checking out photographer

On another day in another location, and while I was 'waiting her out', these migrating black birds had no respect for this "endangered species", as they circled around in harassment.

Bald Eagle harassed by bird flock

Bald Eagle being harassed by black birds

While photographing these Snow Geese at a wildlife refuge, a Bald Eagle passed over the flock. I believe the geese were more than a little bit nervous.  Flying and circling is their defensive action. The larger eagle cannot fly amongst the dense flock, and must wait until it can swoop down on a lone or injured goose.

Bald Eagle soaring above snow geese

Flying 'above the crowd'

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