Migrating Snow Geese in flight
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March 1, 2007
More snow today.  Some are probably getting tired of snow, but this morning's was the prettiest of the season.


In the first picture is my side yard with squirrel and Junko's under the bird feeder full of black oil sunflower seed.

Crowded feeder area with birds and squirrel.

Squirrel and Junko's


Here Junko's and others await an opportunity to get a turn at the feeder.



Junko's in tree

Birds perched just above feeder.

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This Junko is 'coming in for a landing'.  The feeder is at the left.





Junko in flight

On Final Approach

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The Cardinals are more timid, and I didn't have my telephoto lens for this one, but this is the female; its mate is probably watching from close by.



Lady Cardinal

Lady Cardinal

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I'm concerned that this dove's mate is not around this morning.  They were both feeding here yesterday.



Dove in tree

Lonesome Dove

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