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These "Birds in Winter" photos were posted December 24, 2007.

They were taken from my front porch, and are of visitors to my bird feeder which contains black oil sunflower seeds.



The Blue Jay was seen daily, but did not stay long while I was on the porch with my camera.


I had not seen the House Finch since Summer.


I had not seen the Goldfinch for even longer.


Bird feeder hanging in a winter wonderland.


Red-bellied Woodpecker.




How can there be anything edible in that bark?


The Junco is striking against the white snow.


The Chickadee


The Nuthatch visits the feeder all year long.




A pair of Mourning Doves could not resist the spilled seed on the ground.


The male Cardinal has been very camera shy this season. This shot through the porch railings is the only one I have of him so far.


Lady Cardinal surprised me though, and visited the feeder while I clicked away for several photos.  You can see the seed she is holding in her beak.


The Titmice are numerous and don't seem to be bothered when I am nearby.

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